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To be a centre of excellence in the development of agribusiness and promotion of entrepreneurship in north eastern India and Mizoram.


To empower micro, small and medium entrepreneurs through practical training in model enterprises and provision to stimulate employment and sustainable economic growth. The centre acts like a business support services provider. It facilitates the process of farm to firm, access markets, processing and preservation technology and also provides workforce solutions to the society. The main objective of the centre is to create agriculture based trade and commerce eco-system solutions under one roof.


This centre targets anyone who can read and write, the educated youths. The training and study model is delivered through 70% practical and 30% theory so that people obtained skills in the right direction.


The key focus of this centre is production and supply of high quality, safe and affordable food to the masses. The centre support producers and post-harvest management businesses to adopt good agriculture and food manufacturing practices (GAFMP) and adhere to legal requirements as well as market standards.

Mizoram Food Processing Research & Training Centre - MFPRTC